Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mock Me Cinnabon!

Let's face the facts, no matter how healthy we aim to eat, every once in a while we need a sweet treat! So in my recent attempt to cure the sugar craving without blowing it too bad I made a mock cinnabon with the Southaven Farms Cinnamon mix. Hot out of the oven with a gooey glaze over the top! WOW! This is a must try. Now, if you have not yet tried these fabulous mixes you must go directly to their site (of course after finishing here) and check it out. They offer amazing healthy mixes that you can easily convert into tasty muffins, breads, get my drift. The best part is that these mixes are healthy! No added sugar, 100% whole grain all natural. each box has a recipe right on the back. You can also go to their website and look through all the recipes available for each flavor. I caution you that these are highly addictive! So without any further delay let me give you the recipe that I used; I did alter the recipe suggested on the back just a little.

1 box of the Cinnamon Southaven Farms mix

1 cup Organic Lowfat Yogurt (I used Trader Joes brand)

1 cup of Splenda/Sugar Blend (I do not promote Splenda and try not to use it, but I had a bag I was trying to use up)

1 cup organic milk and 1/2 cup almond milk unsweetened vanilla

I mixed this all together and poured them into muffin cups. Oven preheated to 375 and bake for 16 - 21 minutes. Now I pulled these out at 16 minutes and they were perfect. I mean a minute longer would have been too long, so keep a close eye on them. The recipes says that it should yield 12 - 14 but I got 20! (Tip: freeze half of them and pull out one at a time for perfect portion control) While these babies are baking you can make the glaze. I used 1/2 cup of my Splenda/Sugar blend and 1 tablespoon of my vanilla yogurt and stir really well. After you pull the muffins out you can let them sit about 2-3 minutes and either poke a few holes with a fork on top to let the glaze seep down into them, or skip the holes and just slather on top. I poked a few holes and slathered the glaze on top. YUMMY! You will not be disappointed. delish. Oh and the kids loved these too!

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