Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Been Kinda Hectic!

Hello! You all know how it feels when you have one of those weeks and it's only Tuesday...ughhh! The kids started school yesterday and things are a little hectic around here. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine again!

So on the food side of things, I have been looking everywhere for canned pumpkin without any success :-( I am hoping that it is not a repeat of last year where it was impossible to find. I went to three stores so far and the last store told me they expect a shipment at any moment. So I will have to keep checking and will pounce on it when I find it! I have a few new recipes that require pumpkin and just waiting for that star ingredient.

I did try these new Cinnamon Apple Straws! I have had (and really like) the Veggie Straws. So, I was surprised to find these made by the same brand that puts out the Veggie version. I bought mine at Costco, but have also seen them at Sam's Club. The kids really enjoy these. Something new and different!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday!

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