Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A little Bite of Fall In A Bowl.......

*There is a bit of almond butter nestled under that greek yogurt goodness*

With the arrival of the cooler temps comes thoughts of all the wonderful flavors of fall! I was instantly inspired by one of the recent posts by IowaGirlEats.com. She made apple cinnamon oatmeal. One look at her picture and I knew it was something that I had to have - and quick! I finally made it - with some slight modifications to her brilliant recipe- check her site for her original recipe.

First, I peeled and cubed an apple. I sprinkled it with cinnamon and a dash of vanilla extract. Then I put the apples in the microwave for 1.5 minutes. While they were cooking I combined 1/3 cups of oatmeal and added a sprinkle of cinnamon, and combined that with 2/3 cup of water and nuked the oatmeal for 2 minutes. When the oatmeal was finished I added 1 tablespoon of Almond Butter and 1 packet of stevia and 1 tablespoon of Greek style lowfat vanilla yogurt and a small splash of vanilla extract and stir. It was warm, creamy, and absolutely delicious! I mean so creamy and good! You can add adapt the amount of cinnamon/vanilla extract as you prefer, but I like the flavors to be bold! (Oh and I think this would be good with a little maple syrup - make sure it is Grade B- mixed in too, but I didn't try it that way this time).

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