Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tortilla Chip Perfection ...Oh Ya!

The perfect tortilla chip is as easy as a pack of corn tortillas, olive oil cooking spray, a dash of sea salt, and an oven! Pair these babies with homemade salsa (or store bought, of course that would fine too) and you have a delicious, low-fat, extremely satisfying snack! I cut mine into triangles with my kitchen shears first. Next, arrange them on a baking sheet, but be sure you spray them on both sides so that they crisp up evenly. Sprinkle the chips with some sea salt (I have even made these without the salt and they are still very delish)and bake at 375 for around 4-5 minutes a side. Just keep an eye on them so you can determine when they reach your desired crunch factor preference! I like mine extra crispyyyy! I know this is simple, but it is so good and satisfying.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday! I am experimenting with some new recipes that I hope to have on here in the next week. See you soon :-)

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