Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hot Not Pocket!

I bake these on my pizza stone so that the bottoms become nice and crisp!

Be sure to layer your ingredients on one side so that you can pull the other side over to form a cover. Then you press the edges forming a seal.


My kiddos love Hot Pockets, but I don't like to buy them because of the ingredients. I came up with a healthier version to make. When it comes to stuffing your Not Pocket, the ingredient possibilities are endless. You could make turkey or chicken, all veggie, or a pizza type pocket. I make several up at once and freeze them and when someone wants one I will pull it out and pop it in the microwave. My hubby loves to take these to work too!
For these I used 2 packages of Whole Wheat dough from Trader Joe's, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. Hormel's Natural choice Roast Beef ( this does not contain any artificial nitrates/nitrites) and some organic cheese that I shredded.
Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Roll out the dough and cut into three sections. Cover with a little BBQ sauce and layer the roast beef and cheese onto one side. Stretch the other side over to cover and press edges together sealing it shut. Bake for about 8 minutes and you are done! Let cool if you plan to freeze. Otherwise they are delicious right out of the oven! Try different flavors! This is great for a quick go to snack/meal when we have a busy day. Enjoy! Let me know what flavor combinations you come up with.

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  1. Wow do these look great! I plan to make a bunch up and freeze them for the kids - will make great snacks for them for after school. Thanks!