Monday, November 15, 2010

Heart Satisfying (ridiculously low fat) Cream of Potato Soup!

Hello my foodie lovers! How was your Monday? The good news is that we are one day closer to the weekend ;-) I have to tell you that this wonderfully smooth and silky and cheesey potato soup is simply delicious. It requires only a few ingredients and is very low in fat and calories. This was so so so good! I was surprised at how good this came out. I really was inspired by the two lonely potatoes that were left in my pantry; I am determined to not be so wasteful of my food. When I make this recipe again (and oh there will be an again...haha) I will double it and keep some for left overs. If you love creamy potato soup you gotta give this recipe a try. Really good!

Instead of heavy cream and a lot of fattening cheese I use light laughing cow wedges and low fat sour cream. Each wedge of laughing cow cheese is only 35 calories. You can find laughing cow in most grocery stores (I usually find them near the deli sections). I love to use laughing cow on everything!

Look at these sexy stats!

Here is what you need to make this potato recipe:
Serves 2 -3
2 large potatoes - You can peel this if you want, but I didn't because I love the skin for its flavaa and nutrition.
2 cloves of garlic smashed and finely minced
1 onion finely chopped
1 box of 32 oz. organic chicken broth
6 laughing cow wedges 0 Light Swiss flavor
2 tablespoons of low fat sour cream
sea salt and pepper
Dash of garlic powder * onion powder for extra flavor
dash of extra virgin olive oil

Chop your potatoes and onion and garlic.

Put some extra virgin olive oil (only need a about a teaspoon or so)in a pot and turn heat to medium and throw in your chopped potato, onion, and garlic.
Cook for about 10 minutes stirring often (about every 2-3minutes). Flavor with some sea salt and pepper and light dash of garlic powder and onion powder. Add your box of organic chicken broth and stir well. Allow this to cook on medium heat for about 45-60 minutes allowing your potatoes to get really soft. Once your potatoes are soft take your hand masher - or if you don't have that a large spoon and mash your potatoes lightly into the broth.
Next add your 6 wedges of laughing cow, and your 2 tablespoons of sour cream and stir well allowing this to melt (should take about 5 minutes or so) you can turn your heat to medium low right now while you are stirring often and waiting for the laughing cow to melt all the way. You will want to taste it to see if it needs anymore salt and pepper - if it does add accordingly to taste. Serve!

I also wanted to mention this new flavored tea I found. It is really tasty and I have really been enjoying a cup in the afternoon. Instead of going for something sweet, try a hot cup of tea sweetened with stevia (or stevia in the raw - or truvia).

I hope you all have a good night! I am really looking forward to watching House tonight...

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