Saturday, November 27, 2010

Totally Over The Turkey

Hello! How has your holiday weekend been so far? I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have been in recovery mode and trying to drink a lot of water today. Boy, that sodium really hits you when you are not used to eating it. I wanted to go for a jog this afternoon, but I have yet to make it out the door. I may end up on the elliptical machine because we have some high winds today and it is f-r-eee-zing! I guess I am being a bit of a! I spent some time yesterday updating my ipod with some new songs; I find it always inspires me to move more when I have some new and good music to listen to while I walk/jog!

What I really wanted to talk to you about was the clementine! That cute little miniature looking orange fruit. I just love them and they are back in season. They are only 35 calories each and pack a mighty little punch, not to mention vitamin C. I love to grab a few and snack on them in the afternoon or in the evening after dinner. Really a great snack! So if you see them at the grocery store give them a try. They are really good!

I hope that you are all doing good and haven't overdosed on leftover turkey! I am so glad the rest of our leftovers are finished! OK, I will be back soon with some recipes. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)

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