Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coffee Talk..

Good Morn! How is everyone today? I am a little bummed that the heat has seemingly returned. Ugh, I was really looking forward to some cooler temps and then the heat seemed to creep back in. We were 90 degrees yesterday and again today. So maybe next week Fall will return (?!?).

I was just reading the latest issue of Health magazine this morning and one of the articles explained a few ways that apples can benefit you. Which leads me to the first thing I wanted to mention which is Honey crisp apples! OMG! These are so good. I like the sweet tango apple, but Honey crisps are on a whole different level of deliciousness! Please try one before they are gone. I mean really good!

OK, back to the article in Health mag. which states that eating an apple with the skin on five days a week can result in better lung function. Also, the article recommends using apple cider vinegar as a scalp rinse to rid your scalp from bacteria that causes dandruff. I thought that was pretty interesting too! Massage a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar on to your washed scalp and leave on for 1 minute and rinse. Another great use of the apple is using applesauce instead of butter or oil for baking. This is a great and easy to do just make sure you are using unsweetened applesauce. I think apples make a great snack. Instead of eating junk food, chips, or candy try replacing an afternoon or nighttime snack with an apple. I like to use my apple slicer which results in perfect little slices!

I will be back later; I am experimenting with some healthy gravy's. Will post the recipe soon. I mean you are gonna need something to top your mashed potatoes with, am I right or am I right?

Have a great Tuesday! Get some raw vitamin D (sunshine) if you can!

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  1. I just wanted to drop a little comment for anyone who might read this blog. I have known the author for 20 years. She is a sincere and genuine woman who truly has a persons heart health in mind when she designs her recipes. I am thoroughly impressed with the way she can take any given recipe, modify the ingredients, and turn it into something healthy and wonderful. You do an amazing job young lady and I will continue to read your blog and try out your recipes! Great work!