Monday, October 18, 2010

Operation No Can Left Behind!

Hello! How was your Monday? I hope good! So I have decided to launch "No can left behind". It is my attempt to clean out the pantry & freezer. So this was a quick assault on a few items that have been lingering. I pulled these chicken sausages out of the freezer and used the remainder of a bag of orzo! Sprinkled with a quick toss of Parmesan cheese at the end and Voila' dinner is served. This is such a comforting and warm one pot wonder! I did use a touch of chicken base (be careful to not use too much because this is high is sodium) to the water when boiling the orzo for a little extra flavor. I also added a touch of salt to the dish before serving because it needed it. Be sure to slice the chicken and cook in a pan for about 10 minutes on low - medium heat. Add the cooked orzo to the cooked chicken sausages and mix and top with the parm, salt and light pepper!

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