Monday, September 27, 2010

Let Food Be Thy Medicine, Medicine thy food - Hippocrates

I watched an episode of Dr. Oz last week reporting on the benefits of certain foods in helping the body starve and inhibit cancer growth. It was interesting to say the least. Dr. Li has dedicated his life to studying the effects of certain food and how the food can help or hinder the growth of cancer in our bodies. Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine, medicine thy food”. Science is now proving that to be true indeed. What we eat does matter! Think in terms of preventative, rather than waiting until you have a disease or other sickness, be proactive.

There were five foods that Dr. Oz featured on his show. These 5 foods were: bok choy, artichoke, flounder, strawberries, cooked tomatoes. These five foods that the Dr. Oz show featured are innocent enough, right? How easy is it to add some artichoke hearts to your pasta, or salad? How about a nice piece of flounder? Spaghetti sauce made with diced tomatoes? Or how about some sliced strawberries with your cereal? These are all simple ways to eat these foods. Here is one of the recipes that Dr. Oz featured on his website relating to this segment under the wellness warriors The recipe is simply sautéing garlic, onions, fresh tomatoes, artichokes and great northern beans on top of whole wheat pasta. You could make this up and eat it for lunch for the week, or for a quick, healthy delicious dinner! This recipe has both tomatoes & artichoke!

So, in honor of making this the healthiest week possible, I wanted to kick of the week with a recipe that includes one of these key ingredients. A recipe easy enough that you could whip it up on a whim and feel really good about what you are eating with all the enjoyment necessary :-) (Recipe to follow in just a few minutes) So, here is to eating for health! Hoping everyone has a wonderful week.

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