Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mexican Delight?...Do It Right!

I made these enchiladas on a whim tonight. I wanted enchiladas but didn't have much to work with. I used my Low Carb flour tortillas (Only 80 calories each and a nice big size). I used 1 can of refried black beans ( I buy these from Trader Joes) and sauteed one sweet onion and one red bell pepper. Make sure to let them get really sauteed so that flavor really comes through. I like mine a bit brown, in fact when I make these again I am going to really let them get crispy. I layered each tortilla with some black beans and topped it with the onion, red bell pepper mixture and folded and rolled them up like a burrito. Spray your glass baking dish with a bit of Olive Oil spray and put some enchilada sauce on the bottom too and stack those babies in there side by side. Pour on your enchilada sauce and make sure there is enough in there to cover the sides and tops - you do not want them to be too dry. Layer your cheese on top. Believe it or not, this doesn't take much cheese to make it cheesy and delicious! I also topped them with some light organic sour cream. My husband liked these too, but mentioned they would have better with some shredded chicken. But I loved these and thought they were filling and savory just the way they were! Great way to satisfy your Mexican food craving without the guilt.

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