Monday, September 13, 2010

MONDAY MUSINGS: All Calories Are Not Created Equal!

This is the first Monday Musings post! I would like to use these posts every Monday to express some of my thoughts on nutrition and health. It takes a great deal of effort to be the best that you can be! Nutrition, sleep, and exercise are just a few of the key components that are necessary in helping us be the best we can be. If you are run down and tired all of the time you will likely not be able to complete your daily tasks being your best. Often times we put all of our emphasis on clothes, cars and other materialistic things and do not give a second thought about the quality/types of foods we are purchasing. In my opinion, and own personal experience, high-quality whole foods are necessary for optimal health. I think when people stop and think about the kinds of foods that we are ingesting everyday, it becomes clear that we all too easily put the wrong foods in and very little of the right foods in.

Are all calories created equal? If you eat 200 calories worth of chips or you eat 200 calories for 2 organic cage free eggs with veggies and some goat cheese it becomes clear that all calories are not created equally. Especially when you further consider the nutritional value in those chips vs. the eggs. Eggs are a nutrient dense protein and essential fatty acid packed food. They contain vitamins B-12, D, E, riboflavin, calcium, zinc, iron, and lutein. We sadly cannot say that of our 200 calories worth of chips. Be mindful of the foods that you eat! I know we cannot be perfect, but we should really work at eating the best foods we can to ensure that our bodies have what they need to perform the best! Cherish your body and try to give yourself quality ingredients. It will change the way you feel, and it will also change the way you think about food. I know it's cliche', but eat to live!

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